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Go to Applications folder and open Disk Utility. When the Save As dialog shows up, you can input a name for the home DVD image and pick a location to save it. But the DVD copy is unplayable.

If you want to watch it, you have to mount the image. Then you can watch the image file as a physical DVD. Handbrake for Mac is one of the most popular DVD rippers on market. But freeware always has some limitations. Handbrake cannot convert encrypted DVD.

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Plus, the DVD encoding speed is slower. Press the Open Source button on top of the screen and choose the disc to import it. Unfold the Title drop-down list and choose the video clip you want to save to Mac. Drop a destination to store the outputs by pressing the Browse button.


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Go to Presets panel on right side of the screen and choose a proper encode method. For advanced users, more custom parameters are available in Picture, Filters, Video, Audio, Subtitles and Chapters tabs. Or you can keep them default. I used a new computer, with windows 8. Thanks for your assistance Nhut. You can only sync an iPad to 1 computer at a time.

It is a pain but it is the way Apple does it.

Optimizing Video Encoder Settings

Hey, I hope you already know how to deal with your iPad. But I still want to share with you. In your case, you have to transfer your videos from your ipad to your iTunes to make sure your iTunes has everything on your ipad. Then you can safely add new videos with your iTunes.

To transfer videos from iPad to computer, I think you need a third party software, like Tipard iPhone Transfer Ultimate, CopyTrans, or anything you can find on the internet. After you do that, you can sync you videos with your iTunes to your iPad.

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The old computer was dead, so the first 10 video clips was were gone With the new computer windows 8. Around 2 weeks later, I found another video clip I like. I sincerely apologize for my shallow computer knowledge. Please help. Thanks again N.

Method 1. Save DVD to video on Mac with Tipard Mac DVD Ripper

Hi Wayne thank you very much for this possibility. You can find out how to use that here. To transfer the ripped file to your phone or tablet, open iTunes, then drag and drop the ripped movie file on top of it. Then click Sync. Some video publishers might choose more elaborate methods of encryption, which might prevent you from ripping the DVD all together. This is pretty rare, but is something you should be aware of when performing a DVD rip.

An alternative method to ripping is to clone the DVD, which means you also back up the menu and extras. Create a new folder named after the movie, then select the DVD disc under the Devices heading on the left. If Finder appears to get jammed then sorry, the disc uses copy protection. Rename your folder, keeping the movie title but adding. Once you do this, the folder will turn into a single file. There are two ways of ripping a Blu-ray Disc to a Mac.

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The first involves decrypting and copying the entire disc to an. We used Aurora Software's Blu-ray Copy free ; a two-hour film took two hours to copy. To play the copy, mount the disc image. The second option is to make an MKV file.