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Since it first debuted in , the small computer has only seen one major redesign in , and is often left out of the company's dazzling press events. In fact, the latest model hasn't even been updated to include Intel's newer and more efficient Haswell processors, despite the iMac , Macbook Air , and Macbook Pro receiving updates. Given that Apple doesn't give Mac Mini owners many reasons to upgrade, there are a still a good amount of happy customers using older models.

Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement

We were one of them, but wouldn't you know it, the hard drive in our Mac Mini has taken its last breath. There isn't a real need to upgrade, though. Here's what you need to know:. You will need a putty knife or small paint scraper to remove the Mac Mini's casing, a Phillips head 2 screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, and either a replacement 2.

I also recommend picking up a can of compressed air to clean out the dust that has built up throughout the years. Your current drive if it's still functional can be backed up using a program like Apple's Time Machine or the free utility SuperDuper. The cover on the Mac Mini is held in place with small clips that must be dislodged with the putty knife. Gently shimmy the knife in between the base of the Mac Mini and the case. Bend the knife away from you as you slowly work your way around all fours edges of the device.

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You will hear a faint pop as the clips become dislodged, at which point the cover can be lifted off. Next, you have to remove the three antennas. The two smaller ones on the left simply lift out, while larger one on the right must be squeezed from the bottom. Under each antenna are springs -- don't lose these as they are required when reassembling the device. For now, place them aside. The hard drive is located on back of the CD drive. Unscrew the four screws that hold the CD drive into place and detach the ribbon cable on the top of the drive. Make sure you are removing the screws that connect the drive to the case and not the ones on the actually CD drive.

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The hard drive is on the back of the CD drive. It's held in with four screws, two on the top and two on the side. When it comes to making upgrades to your Mac, or any PC for that matter, you first need to consider which devices are truly worthwhile for the money. Also not to be overlooked is what parts specifically should be upgraded to boost performance.

RAM is fairly cheap and easy to acquire.

If you find that launching programs is horrendously slow or that you experience crashes and freezes, a RAM upgrade may need to be in the works. To check RAM usage, try an app like Dr. Cleaner Elite. There are three main reasons to replace a drive:. In regard to tackling reason two, rather than upgrading for the sake of more storage, try using an external drive. Some models cannot be upgraded at all, while devices like the Mac Mini only support a hard drive upgrade.

This is because the RAM was soldered into place. Here is a quick rundown of most devices that have their RAM pre-configured and soldered into place:.

Unfortunately, it also looks like hard drive upgrades are becoming impossible with newer devices like the Touch Bar Macbook Pro, as they have their SSDs soldered into the logic board. And if you do decide to upgrade on your own, watching a YouTube walkthrough is highly recommended. Seriously, do read this, please.

What Is Worth Upgrading?

If your Mac is still under warranty, and you open it up for any reason on your own, you will void the warranty! Once a single screw has been removed, Apple will not touch the device.

Proceed with caution or consider hiring a trained repairman to do the upgrade work for you. Consider the cost to performance return rate and whether or not you can take the risk of messing up an install. I would not attempt a repair or upgrade on a mission critical machine if you have not done such an upgrade in the past. In conclusion, if you need a powerful machine on the cheap, look to an older model Mac Mini or Mac Pro, as they are easily upgraded. Unfortunately, the RAM is soldered in place from the factory.

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To be able to upgrade both RAM and a hard drive but still have portability, you may wish to look towards a Macbook Pro. If you just wish to upgrade the drive only, look towards a Macbook Pro.