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I'm running AI 10 on OS 9. I can't even zoom out because the option key won't reverse the zoom tool. Re: key commands disappear I'm not on OSX yet either, so this is only a guess. Do the users have some keyboard parameter such as "Caps Lock" toggled on when the problem arises? I know sometimes that can effect keyboard input to apps. I'm also curious if there are multiple keyboard layouts in the keyboard control panel that they could be accidentally switching to? I seem to remember that this was a problem at one time as was the Passport Control Panel. Re: key commands disappear And stop spilling Pepsi on the keyboard.

I complained for years and years about my CD-Burner not working until finally I had a technician come out and calmly explain to me that it doesn't accept grilled cheese sandwiches. Can't find any such think on my system.

Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Illustrator CC

Re: key commands disappear Fixed it! I don't know if it will work for everyone but this is what I did. I figured it wasn't entirely a software issue. I plugged in another keyboard to my USB hub. All keys worked fine. I then unplugged it and returned to my original keyboard.

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Everything's back to normal. Might be as simple as unplugging the keyboard? Not sure, but I hope it works for some of you. Re: key commands disappear Don't you love it when the caveman fix works? It's just that quicker way of moving. That works for all of them, if I click in here for the rotation, if I click 'up' once, just going to go up by 1 point, hold 'Shift', and it goes up by loads of Now that's for lots of things.

If you're like, "Man, I wish for this to go faster," generally just hold the 'Shift' key, and do whatever you were doing, and it will go 10 times faster. Another really handy one is, I've got my 'Black Arrow' selected, just got my whale selected, I'm just using my keyboard just to tap things around, but often it moves into bigger chunks for me. It's kind of too far. I know it's only moving slightly but it's actually quite a big leap, left and right.

So what you do is have nothing selected, click in the background and over here, where it says 'Keyboard Increment'. If you can't see this, if you're on an earlier version of Illustrator, jump into your 'Preferences', you'll find it in there. I'm holding it down, and it's moving full steam but it's only a slight adjustment, but because of that modified key 'Shift' I can move it in those bigger chunks, right? I can move by 1 point if I need to, but mainly I want just a little tap, just tap, tap, tap. Next shortcut is, if you grab this Star Tool, it's underneath the Rectangle Tool.

If you drag a star out before you let go of it, so I haven't let go of my star to make it, so I'm still drawing but if you use the up and down arrows just kind of adds more or less star patterns. So just up and down, super easy. So now we have a star with no Fill. Good work, Dan. The next one you probably already know, is 'Command Tab'. If you're on a PC, it's 'Control Tab' and it just toggles you between different programs that are open.

I'm just holding down the 'Command' key, or the 'Control' key on a PC. It just kind of allows me to cycle through the programs so I can jump between Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Within any of the programs, so that works obviously for your whole system. Let's say I open up a new document, and I want to toggle between these two. It's a similar key. You're looking for the apostrophe key.

On my keyboard it's above my Tab key, next to number 1 along the top. Yours might be somewhere different often. It can be different places. Just kind of toggles between the tabs that are open. And in fact they work inside Word so you're not jumping out to new programs, just new windows within that program. Another handy one. Say I want to show somebody my amazing design. Internally in the office, I want to kind of like, "Hey, look at my whale," I tap the 'F' key once, and the 'F' key twice. And it goes into kind of full on display mode.

A to Z of Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts

Kind of gets rid of all the outsides. You can still work in here if you know your shortcuts, I can grab the 'V' key for the Move Tool. And I'm going to grab my 'Shape Builder Tool'. You know what the shortcut is, remember? And I can start drawing these things.

Adobe Illustrator CC Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Okay, I didn't select it all. But if you know some of the shortcuts you can work this way. I'd work this way if I was maybe doing kind of a redraw. Something long and tedious, and I knew the shortcuts, and I was working on say, a laptop where the screen's really small. Or like this, you can just present this way.

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  8. If you want to have a bit of both, say you want to select on this and change the color, just hover the mouse over the side, and it pops up for a second. Then click back over here, and it will disappear again. So for presenting, and just a good use of space if you've got a small laptop. Now the last one is, it's interesting, let's grab the 'Star Tool', you can grab any tool. I am going to give it-- I'm going to use my shortcut. Who remembers the shortcut to switch between those two? That's right; 'Shift X'. So I wanted to have a blue Stroke, not a Fill.

    Illustrator shortcuts (Printable cheat sheet)

    And I'm going to make sure I'm on the Star Tool. I'm going to hold down the apostrophe key. You're really looking for the apostrophe key, on my keyboard it's next to number 1, we used it before. A few weeks ago I compiled a list of InDesign shortcuts that I use daily and made a A4 printable cheat sheet You can find it here. Here are the ready-to-be-printed PDFs with the most important and used shortcuts:.

    Want to get better at InDesign?