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how to download and install Quake 3 arena for free!

So wait, let me get this straight. Dizzy, yes that is correct.

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They did make a Mac version of it. I bought the Gold edition way back when, which came with a Hybrid disc which has both versions on it.

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Since then, I had to have my disc exchanged because of scratches, and the copy I got back was not said hybrid disc. Thanks for these instructions! Wonderful, thank you very much! Did something change with Snow Leopard? Download the QuakeAltivecTest2.

Using StuffIt Expander , decompress the point release. A package file will be placed on the desktop.

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Is there somewhere I can download paks 1 through 6? I went through some real crap getting quake to work with my system, here's what I finally did: Quake on osx rocks! I can run it at x on my G4 just fine! Fahrvergnuugen I am the law!


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Feb 6, All you need from the original CD is the pak0. All additional.

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Go to ftp. All you have to do is copy the baseq3 folder and then download the point release for whatever OS you are running. Why was it more than 2wice as much and its the same damn thing?! And yes Urban Terror does kick ass.

Quake 3 Arena for Mac OS X

I run a full time server [right now its on q3a for a change, but normally its UT] darklotus. Hi Guys, Sorry if this is a completely noob question but i've never used a mac before and i'm trying to help out a friend. He has a G4 laptop, and purchased a cd version of quake 3 arena. After he goes through the install, it trys to open in classic 9 i think and then all the graphics are fudged up.

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Around a year ago he had the same problem, and i had downloaded some kind of patch which fixed it. The same issue has popped up and i cant work out how to fix it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.