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How to Format USB Flash Drive on Mac

Before we recycle, lend, sell or abandon a USB flash drive, we should remove all the personal data on the USB flash drive. Formatting or reformatting is the efficient and secure way to remove all data on the USB flash drive.

You will get a brand new USB flash drive. Just run this built-in application on your Mac, and use it to erase the USB flash drive.

Format USB Flash Drives to Work With Both Mac and Windows 7

However, the data on the formatted USB flash drive could be recovered by data recovery software. This start menu for Mac allows Mac users to format hard drive or external device on Mac.

Don't know how to apply it, check the instructions here:. What if my files were not found? Fear not.

We can take this a step further. And select All Around Recovery. All Around Recovery has a deeper scanning mode than External Recovery.

How to format USB drives to NTFS on a Mac with Tuxera Disk Manager

Follow the steps above just as before to locate and recover your files. It is plain to see that AnyRecover for Mac is a tool worthy of top shelf treatment in your arsenal of items that are used to defend, recover and keep your system up and running. Don't get caught without the file you need for that meeting or stumbling looking for baby photos that were stored on disk and suddenly "hid" from your view. Allow AnyRecover to find and recover your lost files.

AnyRecover is easy to use but provides sophisticated results that mean you know what you're doing!

Here's how to format USB on Mac

Hard Drive Recovery. Macs support a variety of file systems.

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But, if you plan on using an external drive with both Macs and PCs, you should format the disk with the exFAT file system instead. So how do you know if your USB drive is using the right format?

How to Format a Drive on a Mac

In the screenshot below, the drive is formatted with the exFAT file system. Again, formatting a drive will erase it completely, so make sure you have everything backed up that you want to keep. Select the drive by clicking its name.